Deidre Wessels Founder of Elbowroom
​​​​​​​Design is more than creating or being creative. It is an opportunity to make information come to life, fill people with wonder and unlock awareness. This might be too idealistic for some, but it is what I believe, and it is what ELBOWroom ‘runs’ on (well, that, many cups of coffee and a burning desire to design my life).
When I created ELBOWroom, I created it out of a need for change and the courage to do so with compassion. And yes, the colour, the type and even the different case letters and how the W makes a little room out of room were carefully crafted and the result was beautiful. What I did not expect ELBOWroom to give me though, was purpose and a newfound energy to free expression.
So…if you like a journey with some twists and turns and spectacular results, let’s give that idea of yours some wings…let’s make it fly!
Deidre Wessels•ELBOWroom Founder•Visual Voice Creator
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